Better Leads.Greater ROI.

Marketing Automation makes it possible to provide users with the right attention and messages at each moment and channel, thus improving their experience, which results in greater knowledge of the customer, allowing for more accurate personalisation and segmentation.

The in-depth knowledge and qualification of leads improves communication processes, which leads to a considerable improvement in customer engagement with the brand. By having more committed users, conversion increases and, as a consequence, there is an improvement in sales and ROI.

Optimiseyour marketingcampaigns

Automation helps to segment marketing actions, increasing the results of campaigns and allowing professionals to improve creativity and planning. The goal: to attract users in a non-intrusive way, and then move on to the phases of conversion, education, closing and loyalty.


Scalable and more effective actions

Automated processes are fully scalable, resulting in strong growth in both performance and investment, as no more resources are required to manage the relationship with more customers, which optimises and reduces costs and greatly improves productivity; allowing teams to focus on higher value-added tasks for the company.

Technology & Tools

It is not possible to talk about Marketing Automation without talking about the technology that drives and enables it. Every tool must have some basic functions for lead management, campaigns, e-mails, social media, integrations with third parties, analytics, reporting, etc.

On this basis, each of them has its own characteristics and functionalities. To help in the process of choosing an automation software, in our report you will find an analysis of: Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot by Salesforce, Eloqua and Selligent.