The importance of digital micro-moments for mobile.

Consumers expect brands to respond in a meaningful way to their digital needs in real time.

When we need information or help, we connect proactively through bursts of digital activity. Consequently, micro-moments are critical points of contact in the consumer buying cycle and, when joined together, can determine the outcome of the customer journey.

The Smartphone, key in the digital age:

Unsure of what brand to buy when the search begins. 90%
Check device within the first 15 minutes of the day. 68%
Apps used more than 11 times per day. 39%
Immediately change app if needs are not met. 29%
Financial transactions through mobile devices. 27%


min. of use per day


checks per day


sec. per session


billion smartphone users


connected to the internet on their phone


mobile media consumption

Be there moments

Anticipating consumer micro-moments in a particular sector and providing clients with the help they need right when they need it establishes customer loyalty, which can yield great results and build competitive advantage.

Being there allows you to be selected—not just seen.

Researching user intent will make it possible to focus on specific consumer needs. Studying the context allows us to think about how consumers’ needs may change depending on their situation.

Be useful moments

With mobile, we’re able to greatly enrich our understanding of digital context and the underlying intent of consumers.

This context provides critical insights into their behavior and, therefore, significant clues as to how a company can be more relevant and useful for people in their time of need.

Be quick moments.

Advances in mobility have generated significant behavioral changes in consumption patterns, increasing user expectations—especially in terms of speed.

They seek immediate gratification and make decisions quickly, so speed and ease of use should be prioritized for both mobile sites and apps.

Aligned with the latest trends in mobility:

Mobile Payments

Gradual shift to m-commerce, supported by the launch of systems like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Instant Apps

Native applications that work like websites and don’t require installation, optimizing the space used on devices.

Corporate Apps

The “bring your own device” model is gaining popularity at companies that opt for hybrid applications.


AI applications learn at an ever-increasing rate, shining the spotlight on user habits and preferences.


AR and VR transcend the world of training and gaming, due to consumer demand for new technologies.

Cloud Based Apps

Alleviate the data security issues inherent in the BYOD model and take advantage of cloud-based deployments.

On-demand Apps

Automatic and on-demand app optimization tremendously improves performance.

Accelerated Pages

Helps web applications load faster on all mobile devices, greatly reducing the bounce rate.


Wide application of IoT in diverse sectors: e-health, education, smart cities, smart homes/offices and wearables.

Our Services / Work Method:

Creation / Conceptualization

  • Needs Analysis.
  • Holistic Thinking.
  • Focus Groups / Interviews.
  • Design Thinking.
  • Customer Journey.
  • Service Blueprint.
  • Storyboards.

We adapt our applications to any target, following the latest trends in service design and usability, in addition to applying research techniques to identify and understand end user problems and needs.

We design integrated and intuitive mobile solutions.

Visual & Technical Design

  • Prototyping and mockups.
  • Specialized graphic design.
  • Interaction design/UX.
  • Functional specifications.
  • Tools: Axure, InVision, Justinmind.
  • Automated and manual testing frameworks.
  • Specific architectures.

Specialized design and UX for all kinds of mobile solutions in order to reduce user resistance to change, validating and evolving our designs through work sessions with groups of users who represent the end target.

We build integrated, efficient, scalable and reusable architectures, using a specific mobile technology stack.

Building / Testing

  • Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
  • Native / Hybrid Applications.
  • HTML5 Web Applications.
  • Continuous integration and automated testing.
  • Certification laboratory (multi-OS/version).
  • Design: Front-End production.
  • Compliance with requirements.

We use Agile methodologies to iteratively build and revise the solution, implementing improvements when necessary.

The result is personalized software designed specifically for a certain type of user, making sure its functionalities fully meet their expectations.

We ensure the technical quality of the product by implementing QA systems in all phases of the project, including its inception, with periodic process improvement checks.

Publication / DIffusion

  • Market management: publication and updates.
  • Advanced analytical tools.
  • User behavior tools.
  • Positioning (SOA).
  • Multi-platform certification testing.
  • Performance/digital marketing campaigns.
  • Channel Awarding.

Techniques to quickly enter the market and information for continuous improvement. We integrate advanced modules that allow us to understand and analyze how users interact with our application.