Cloud Computing and IT support for flexible and fast-paced companies.

Our IM unit is specialized in offering analysis, design, monitoring and support services for both on-premises infrastructures and cloud architectures, whether private, public or hybrid.

In the new digital era, outsourcing services related to infrastructure management are increasingly transferred to the cloud. With a pay-per-use model, it allows computer resources to be used to improve processes rather than maintain them, which translates into an approach that’s much more cost-effective than traditional on-premises systems.

The cloud guarantees mechanisms for communication between different types, great horizontal and vertical scalability (both scale-up and scale-out) and the security of having a highly flexible infrastructure to start new projects with, since it’s not necessary to acquire either new equipment or licenses.

Experience in implementation of large data center infrastructures, consolidation of servers and migration, including secured hardware transport.

Specialists in the design and implementation of storage solutions, servers and virtualization, and the deployment of private, public and hybrid Cloud services.

Our Services


Support for end users (microcomputer), including a special service for VIP users (24/7 support, response times of less than one hour, dedicated telephone number, etc.).


We design the architecture and host, monitor and optimize cloud infrastructures.

In addition, we’ll propose improvements to optimize the use of your resources through our consulting and infrastructure assessment service.

Data CenterSupport

We manage both your physical and virtual infrastructure, and handle monitoring and support to address possible contingencies.

We can manage anything from your storage systems and backup copies to your entire infrastructure (Windows or Linux servers, network administration, communication with suppliers, etc.).

Enhance the flow of information throughout an adaptable IT system.

Assessment & Health Checks

Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.

– Paul Maritz


Through advanced analysis, we obtain a series of improvement and evolution guidelines on the different architecture elements (front-end, back-end, databases, application servers, etc.), whether it’s an on-premises or cloud model.


We check the servers, storage and back-up systems and security network, always based on manufacturers’ best practices. We create a detailed report listing possible improvements—both corrective and proactive—of each client’s IT platform.


Using our ITIL certifications, we analyze procedures and establish a set of best practices and recommendations for the administration of IT services and processes.