Quality, flexible and reliable IT maintenance for your business.

AM takes into account the development of software as a service, relying upon highly qualified and specialized personnel to maintain and update the applications that are already developed or in development. Software maintenance is a specialized service that covers the necessary tasks to ensure that computer applications are always in the best condition. These are transformed into service-level agreements (SLA) that measure, compare and validate its execution, making it a fully managed service.

Our 360° AM strategy

Value Delivery

We focus on value delivery from the perspective of the client, creating a framework of collaboration between all stakeholders, which helps organizations participate in the design of processes and discard activities that don’t add value to their business.

We’ve moved away from an inside-out model—in which processes are designed by and for IT—to an outside-in model, designed by and for our clients’ businesses.

Rapid Absorption

We adapt our development and management models to the latest needs of the sector, in order to remain fast, dynamic, efficient and flexible.

We implement our services through rapid deliveries in short cycles, via a sustainable and sustained continuous improvement process, reducing transition times as much as possible and obtaining operational services that quickly provide value.

Cost Reduction

We’re focused on achieving maximum cost efficiency through task specialization and automation, the streamlining of processes and management tasks, and technological and methodological excellence.

We introduce incremental improvements in the operation of the service, including the variability of costs within a flexible model and dynamic adaptation to the demands of the activity.


We adopt Agile service design methodologies, which allow us to situate ourselves at the point of departure or maturity of each client.

Through a process of continuous improvement and customizable services, we adapt to changes in the business and value criteria that the organization, the context and the client will experience.

Quality Improvement

We’re committed to the quality of software and processes through compliance with service-level agreements (SLA), continuous improvement of code quality and critical QA parameters, greater control over time and costs, and the certifications we’ve been awarded: CMMI, ITIL and ISO.

Our Services

Managed AM

An application maintenance service that enables the rapid adoption of high quality at a very low cost, thanks to the benefits provided by the use of a fully operational management system adapted to the needs of service management.

We reduce transition times by applying Lean methodologies to adapt our comprehensive service management system to each client’s unique needs.

We use JIRA as a tool for managing requests, monitoring service levels and generating reports.

The development process is governed by an ecosystem of tools that standardize the methodology and QA criteria.

  • Service integrated and orchestrated via the Softtek AM Platform.
  • Operational service with minimal transition and rapid value delivery.
  • Industrialization of AM life cycle at a very low cost.
  • Centralized management.

Enterprise AM

Scalable service with all the capabilities needed to offer a comprehensive, quality-oriented service that allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, providing an agile response to business needs at very low costs.

Different localization strategies and service configurations (on-site, partially on-site, balanced service, offshore service), according to the needs of each client.

Focus on the fast and secure acquisition of knowledge, with the first stage being led by highly qualified professionals, including technical architects, business consultants, etc.

Appointment of a Lean Manager who coordinates a continuous improvement process based on the DMAIC Lean Six Sigma cycle.

  • On-premises infrastructure and tools for clients.
  • Adaptation to the client’s standards (processes and methodology).
  • On-site, balanced and/or off-site equipment.
  • Fast and secure service transition.
  • Dedicated service management and continuous improvement.

Transformational AM

Service with all the necessary capabilities for technological transformation, enabling clients to benefit from greater efficiency and additional cost reductions on the Enterprise service.

We adapt to our clients’ methodology and processes, and provide our Lean Process Coaching service for the optimization and improvement of management processes.

We adapt fundamental service management processes to the Agile model, enabling us to coordinate and facilitate the end-to-end relationship, from the identification of needs to the production stage.

Technological transformation program based on a specific business case, which has been previously agreed upon with the client.

  • Outside-in model centered on delivering value to the client.
  • Agile service design methodologies based on a maturity model.
  • Maximum personalization, flexibility and adaptation to business changes through a system of dynamic management of demand.
  • Transformation that results in greater efficiency and cost savings.


efficiency standard in costs, anticipating savings from the outset.


efficiency standard in reducing the backlog of pending jobs.


efficiency standard in reducing production delivery times.


efficiency standard in reducing incidents through issue management.


annual increase in service levels (incremental SLA).

Service Options

L1 Service Desk

Level 1 support in the use and operation of applications.

Test Lab

Verification and validation to ensure that applications meet the required standards.

Test Automation

Generation of automated tests for applications or critical business processes.

Continuous Integration

Implementation of an ecosystem of integration tools and continuous delivery of applications.


Analysis of applications to reduce incidents and development times, optimize the code and improve performance.


Application modernization through architecture analysis, process optimization and UX improvement.

Lean AM Process Coaching

Advising and support in the implementation or adaptation of AM services to agile models.

Service Transformation

Creation of service transformation programs based on business cases, as agreed upon with the client.

Customer service is not an area, it's an attitude.

Service Configurations

Dedicated On-Site Service

  • Independent and personalized structure.
  • Dedicated on-site multidisciplinary team.
  • Facilities management and knowledge transfer between project teams and the client with minimal coordination effort.

Balanced Service

  • Balanced service structure, both on-site and off-site, that adapts to demand.
  • Regulation of production capacity with collaborative, cross-functional teams.
  • Optimization of costs and capabilities.

Off-Site Service

  • Off-site structure that allows for the development and maintenance of different technologies.
  • Using time zones to your advantage, enabling 24/7 “follow the sun” services.
  • Using all centers’ skills to guarantee the required quality at minimum cost.