Vector Planner is a shift planner that allows the configuration of the operational demand, based on business goals, that our Software incorporates, analyzes and formulates in the form of shift schedules based on typologies and roles. It is an automatic estimation and planning tool that, based on defined algorithms and according to the predictive analysis of demand and workload, calculates the volume of hours needed to cover each task, automatically generating a planning individualized schedules. Designed for use in Retail (supermarkets, stores, etc.).


Manage demand automatically and efficiently.


Integration, in case it is necessary, with all of our clients' specific core applications & IT systems for the correct intake of data.


Generation based on historical data of an estimate of the workload and the volume of equipment or operations required.


100% automated planner for the generation of the quadrant of shifts and schedules, also including the calculation of limits and restrictions.

Turn Management

Review and edition of the automatic quadrant of shifts to be able to adapt it to specific situations and objectives, with multiple vision and export possibilities.


Flexible framework that allows the incorporation of rules and systems according to business needs, allowing multiple viewing, filtering and grouping options.

Employees Portal

Web portal for all the employees, so that they can quickly consult & edit different information: schedules, reports, request changes, vacations, absences, petitions, etc.