Destify is a mobile application based on geolocation that provides tourists with everything they need to know about what happens and will happen in the place where they are making or traveling. It is integrated with different systems to offer the most complete information (events, offers, cultural information, etc.), also allowing users to create their own points of interest. And all this, on a simple and intuitive interface. The system is also aimed at satisfying businesses and local businesses, since it allows to program marketing campaigns adapting them according to the proximity, dates and preferences of the clients, thus optimizing the performance of the announcements and notifications.

SectorTourismTechnologyGPS Tracking, IoT

Digital platform for intelligent tourist destinations.


Organize your tourist activities and your trips according to your tastes and preferences, according to the areas you wish to move / visit and the mode of transport you want.


Destify displays all the information associated with a place (social activity, events and offers) in a centralized way. Add your favorites to a list and live unique experiences.


Organize and plan your trip in detail, listing your plans and favorite offers in your profile, with the possibility of setting alarms so you do not miss anything.


Remember in detail each of your trips keeping in your profile history all your travel experiences and publications made, creating your own tourist log.


Share all the information you want, both through the application itself and on your social networks. Comment and give your opinion, publish your photographs and register your passage through the different places.


If you have a business, use Destify to let you know and attract more customers, creating personalized advertising campaigns for your potential customers (display, push notifications, etc.).