Cashlight® is a software product for ATMs. It’s based on the most advanced technology stack available, which drastically reduces the time it takes to deliver business functions to market. It has a scalable and resilient (multi-tenant solution) architecture that’s designed under a micro-services architecture paradigm. This allows for automatic distribution of software in the ATMs, with special emphasis on the possibilities of real-time monitoring and remote diagnostics.

SectorFintechTechnologyCloud, Microservices

Agility, control and efficiency to manage the ATM network.

Faster operations and transactions in the ATM terminal. 35%
Faster evolution or creation of services for other frameworks. 60%
Faster implementation of developments related to new services. 70%
Greater customer satisfaction after performing various operations on the ATM. 40%


Centralized information on the server, accessible in real time for queries and reports. Business transactions take place on the application server, avoiding the need to deploy software on the ATM network.


The solution can be integrated with core systems, providing total freedom so that the bank can develop its own application. High degree of flexibility when making changes to operations and/or updating ATM terminals.

Cloud - Aware

Cloud-aware solution: easy to scale and adjust, flexible and resilient, and can be easily modified through the cloud according to network needs.

Customer Support

More efficient customer service: real-time monitoring and control of all ATM activity on the server. Management services across the entire ATM network.

Quick Operations

ATM operations executed at an extremely high speed, improving end-to-end transaction time. Physical and logical security guaranteed in all operations.


Multi-vendor solution: the bank has complete flexibility to choose the ATM hardware supplier.

User Experience

Design is focused on offering a fluid user experience, with interactions that ensure customer satisfaction and are entirely customizable.

Low Costs

Drastically reduces operational, hardware and infrastructure costs. Greatly decreases costs and timeframes associated with development by improving software quality.

Customer Centric

User-centric solution that’s constantly evolving and adapting to the latest technologies, fully aligned with new patterns and habits of use.


Omni-channel: the ATM channel is integrated with the rest, with the aim of improving the efficiency of bank branches and offering services with a multi-channel perspective.

Time to Market

Radical improvement in time to market: adding features and deploying new services in a quick and agile manner.


Options to activate the ATM terminal (contactless, NFC, biometrics, fingerprint, etc.).