Air Saver is a mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) that facilitates automatic and collective savings. It enables you to easily control the amount of money you want to put toward different savings objectives, whether personal or set by a group. Its use greatly simplifies money collection and shared payment for services or purchases, making micro-payments between users simple and immediate.

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Automatically control and manage your savings.

Money Pool

Do you and your friends have a shared savings goal, but you’re never able to organize the funds? Create a MONEY POOL and invite your friends—thanks to automatic savings, every month you’ll get closer to achieving your objective.


Do you never have cash when you need it? Don’t worry! Create a CHAIN with whomever you want and set a monthly amount—all the money collected will be sent to a different member each month.


Automatically put aside a certain amount each month, and se how easy it is to achieve your savings goals faster than ever.


Personalize your money management: invite or remove members, add more funds, send messages and withdraw money from your personal account.

Total Control

Automatically control payments and monitor their delivery and confirmation in real time. Easily access your bank account information.

User Experience

Modern, simple and intuitive design, with a user-friendly interface for smooth navigation.