Vector Talk: our corporate messaging solution

Vector Talk is a cross-platform, customizable tool that offers information storage in the cloud. Today, instant messaging software is one of the most widely used tools to encourage communication of employees and customers, allowing the exchange of ideas, opinions and information in general, through public or private groups. Therefore, Vector ITC Group has presented VectorTalk, which allows users to establish conversations, send files, make audio and video calls, and create groups and channels, in a friendly, easy way and across multiple devices and platforms (Android, iOS, web).

This instant messaging application allows the possibility to open communication channels with clients. The Vector Talk user can create collaborative groups or broadcast channels, and send audios, videos, documents, emoticons, stickers and automated tasks. This tool is capable of integrating with other applications, and is fully customizable, with the possibility to include on-demand functionalities that adapt to the needs of the customer.

Registration in the application is done by means of a mobile phone number and its confirmation by means of a code sent by SMS. Once the application is accessed, the user is prompted for permissions for sending notifications and accessing contacts.

“Vector Talks is a fundamental messaging tool for the digital transformation of a company and brings many benefits both at the corporate and commercial level. We can establish two-way, effective and secure communication channels with employees and customers. For example, it is a very powerful solution for sectors such as banking, where central branches, branches and customers exchange a lot of information. Banks that have successfully adapted to the new digital age implement this type of tool” says Ismael Musbah, head of Vector Mobile, mobility area of Vector ITC Group.

Technical details

In addition to promoting employee and customer communication, Vector Talk offers many advantages:

  • Reliable: Maximum information security through end-to-end encryption of messages.
  • Storage of information in the cloud.
  • Multi-device and cross-platform (android, ios and web).
  • Adaptable: ability to integrate with enterprise applications.
  • Customizable: You can modify and change the look & feel to suit the corporate line of the company.
  • Flexible: Other features can be added on demand.
  • Commercial benefits.

This solution promotes communication flows between head stores and end customers, such as changes in account positions, loans, securities and cards. Also when it comes to offering gifts, sweepstakes, promotions, as well as other offers or new products in portfolio, special and customized according to the type of the client. In addition, it encourages and encourages 1to1 communication, with specific messages and personal comments about opportunities or products that may be of concern to the customer.

“Customers also benefit because they can hire products, make operations and make inquiries, avoiding unnecessary time losses,” adds Javier Agulló, Sector Manager at Vector ITC Group.

This tool also optimizes the work and communication of the plants with their delegations or branches. It allows the collection of business and infrastructure data at a massive level in a short period of time, favors internal corporate communication, as well as employee loyalty programs, through the communication of news, changes, as well as the dissemination of job openings to facilitate labour mobility.

“Today, both customers and employees demand speed. In this sense, applications of this kind are needed to help companies take advantage of all the technology at their disposal” concludes Agull. Thanks to tools like Vector Talk, it is already possible to send incidents and information in real time, as well as the evolution of the different commercial campaigns.