We are committed to Apps to drive digital transformation

  • Today there are more than 3.6 million mobile users who, on average, consult their Smartphone 150 times a day.
  • Online banking is one of the areas with the greatest projection: In 2018 more than a quarter of banking transactions will be carried out through the mobile phone.
  • Vector ITC Group has participated as a jury in the latest edition of Hackathon #HackTheJustice.

Vector ITC Group, a 100% high tech group of Spanish capital provider of technological and digital services, has participated as a member of the jury of the latest edition of Hackathon #HackTheJustice. Mario Cruz, the company’s representative, was one of the 6 jurors in charge of electing the 3 winners of this event.

“For us it is a pleasure to be able to participate as a jury in these types of technological meetings, since it identifies us as one of the reference companies in the field of development of technological and digital services.”, says Mario Cruz, Head of Public Administrations at Vector ITC Group. “In addition, we believe that our extensive experience and expertise in this field allows us to provide specific assessments on the finalist applications,” he adds.

The Hackathon #HackTheJustice, organized by the Institute of Legal Innovation, is a meeting of programmers that aims to develop new LegalTech applications. For 2 days, mixed teams of developers and lawyers work together to present technological solutions to some of the most relevant legal and social problems.

Innovation as the driving force behind the change in digital transformation

Today there are more than 3.6 million mobile users who, on average, check their smartphone 150 times a day. In other words, mobile devices have become an essential element, allowing us access to information at any time, being able to carry out countless managements from the Smartphone itself.

In this sense, Vector Mobile is committed to one of the sectors with the greatest potential for growth: online banking. In 2018 more than a quarter of banking transactions will be paid for via mobile phone. One of the areas that is expanding the most is mobile payment. Vector’s Air Payment service is an application that, among other things, makes it easy to collect money and execute payment on shared services or purchases.

On the other hand, the concept of “digital wallet” takes on more and more strength. 71% young people use mobile banking, which implies a radical change in the paradigm of the relationship between the user and his bank. With Air Wallet, Vector offers its customers a new application that goes beyond mobile phone payment. Among other advantages, it allows the user to manage all their credit cards without having them physically, so you can channel all the information of payments, expenses, etc. through the smartphone.

Vector ITC Group also works to ensure safety for users in every way. On the one hand, its application includes a biometric identification service through voice that is activated before making a payment, thus avoiding identity fraud and economic losses for users. On the other hand, and aware of the need to have applications for international use, Air Wallet allows you to make payments abroad without a data connection, through tokens.

“Innovation is the engine of transformation for all organizations. This also implies the improvement in its efficiency, competitiveness and ability to develop new business models.”, they comment from Vector ITC. “Therefore, we must work on developing non-intrusive, adaptable and everyday applications of each person, taking into account their characteristics and personality.”, concludes Cruz.