Vector ITC Group, nominated in the “Best Culture of Learning” category at linkedIn awards

Vector ITC Group, a company of 100% Spanish capital, has been nominated in the third edition of the IN awards, organized every year by the professional social network Linkedin. The IN Awards, which will be presented on September 28, offer a recognition to companies analyzing their results in terms of search, recruitment and retention of talent through Linkedin Solutions.

“For us training is a priority. Our professionals are always in a continuous process of training and learning to face the new challenges of an ever-changing technological world.”, says Muriel Artabe, Director of People Management at Vector ITC. “Everyone has a tailor-made training itinerary, through our partner Lynda. And those who excel at their talent and commitment become part of our high-performance programs: Grow and Lead. Says Muriel Artabe, Director of People Management at Vector ITC Group.

Vector ITC is nominated, together with Vodafone Spain and BBVA, in the corporate category “Best Culture of Learning”. This category rewardes companies that have stood out for their commitment to training, based on the effective percentage of professionals who have used the Linkedin Learning platform as a tool in their training development. More than 60% of Vector ITC Group professionals have spent over 3600 hours in online training and the most in-demand courses have been those related to computer languages such as Java, programming and Agile methodology. 2000 hours have been invested in face-to-face training.

“For Vector ITC Group professionals are our greatest value. Here they have a professional career with projection. They work from day one on innovative projects with world-leading companies and always with the most cutting-edge technologies. This leads to providing continuous and quality training so that they respond effectively to market demands and are always experts in the developments in the sector” Muriel Artabe adds.

Connected to the University

Vector ITC Group is committed to quality training and talent, which is why it establishes close relationships with universities. Today Vector ITC Group from its center of Segovia, participates in Connected, the Business Forum of the School of Computer Engineering of the Campus of Segovia. This meeting serves to connect companies in the technology and digital sector with recent graduatestudents, or in the last courses, with the aim of showing students the job and career opportunities they have in the market.

At Connected, companies present and expose the professional actions they develop, as well as their business and development plans. Similarly, they report on the most demanded profiles in their teams and the possible vacancies they currently have. With more than 2,000 professionals Vector ITC Group bets on a pleasant, dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative work environment, formed by technology and innovation enthusiasts who work every day under the principles of Management 3.0

“Work-life balance is a fundamental part of Vector’s professional experience and we achieve this by implementing our Betterwok program, which makes our daily lives easier from day one, as a health insurance free private, our flexible remuneration model; more holidays, free late birthdays, more days off for motherhood and paternity… In addition to our flexible schedule, with intensive day the summer months and every Friday of the year. Our goal is that we are happy and committed, enjoying our work at all times.” Muriel Artabe, Director of People Management at Vector ITC Group concludes.