Vector ITC Group and Meta4 extend their collaboration agreement for comprehensive talent management

  • Vector ITC Group incorporates talent, time and reporting management into its personnel management, payroll and social insurance services, thanks to Meta4’s Cloud HR solutions.

Vector ITC Group, technology and digital group 100% Spanish capital, and Meta4, world leader in solutions for the management and development of human capital, have expanded their collaboration agreement for the integral management of the Human Resources area. In this way, Vector ITC Group strengthens the People Management services it offers since 2014, through Meta4’s Cloud Human Resources technology solutions, used by more than 1,300 companies in 100 countries around the world.

For Gerardo Ortiz, head of the BPO area of Vector ITC Group, “we are specialists with extensive experience in the implementation and maintenance of payroll together with all the management of remuneration policies, and outsourcing of processes of Personnel and payroll. With this agreement, we expand and refine our offer with a solution for the global management of the area of People Management”.

For Pilar Gallo, Director of Alliances at Meta4, “The signing of this new agreement is the natural step in strengthening our partnership with Vector ITC Group, to further enhance the positioning of our Cloud HR solutions as the only end-to-end solution Talent management.”

Applications and areas of action

As an extension to the collaboration agreement signed three years ago, Vector ITC Group, a partner of Meta4, offers its customers the possibility to manage the entire cycle of their human capital. Through the different modules that incorporate specialized solutions for the management of Meta4 Talent: Training Management, Talent Recruitment and Recruitment, Development and Evaluation, Workforce Management and Analitycs. In addition, the advantages of Meta4 technology allow a quick start-up of the solution. “The customer avoids duplication of information and minimizes data maintenance work, as all modules are nourished by the information provided and maintained by the payroll service,” says Gerardo Ortiz, BPO Manager at Vector ITC Group. “Access to HR modules is offered in SAAS mode, i.e. the customer is in charge of managing HR processes with the tools that the application incorporates,” adds Gerardo Ortiz.

Through this new agreement, Vector ITC Group will offer its customers significant improvements in the management and management of the People Management area, thanks to Meta4’s Cloud HR, an integrated solution that leverages the benefits of the cloud to respond to all human capital management challenges, increasing the productivity and efficiency of companies. These services complement Vector ITC Group’s offering in payroll management, which so far covered the management and maintenance of payroll processes and rules through elements such as temporality, retroactivity, tranched calculation, allocation of Multi-level dynamic values… Etc.

In addition, since 2014 Vector ITC Group also offers automated organizational management, which allows to design the company’s model with all flexibility, establishing hierarchical and functional relationships between the different members of the working groups and dynamically reflecting its evolution.

With this expansion, Vector ITC Group strengthens its personnel management services, as well as the payroll and social insurance service it already had in place. “These powerful online tools coupled with a People Management 2.0 strategy will improve the productivity, commitment and level of competence of professionals” concludes Gerardo Ortiz.