Vector Academy seeks the best Full-Stack developers

  • Full Stack Accelerator Program is a non-profit initiative that aims to identify a group of professionals with high potential to participate in an 8-week training program
  • The training programme, expenses incurred by Vector ITC Group, will begin on March 21
  • Digitization is expected to generate 1.25 million jobs over the next five years

The IT sector is growing. According to forecasts made by several temporary work companies, IT professionals will be the most demanded profiles by the labor market in 2017. In fact, Randstad Research expects digitization to create 1.25 million jobs over the next five years, with high demand from web developers and analysts.

The market needs professionals who can encompass with guarantees most it application development tasks, in this sense the active search of Full Stack professionals has become a consolidated trend. Under this pretext, Vector ITC Group, through Vector Academy, has launched the Full Stack Accelerator Program, a non-profit program that aims to identify a group of professionals with high potential to participate in a 8-week training.

Developers called Full Stack (FS) are the most in-demand technical profile today. Focused on the main development technologies both Front End and Back End, these professionals know all the operating systems as well as the different software tools and can build complete projects on their own, without the help of any other personal.

“We seek and identify the professionals with the greatest potential and put at their disposal a training ecosystem to highlight and accelerate their potential and their technical talent”, notes Francisco Javier de las Heras, Head of Technologies at Vector ITC Group

The objective is to develop the full potential of IT professionals. To participate in the program, only the admission test, evaluated by the Vector ITC Group HR team, will have to pass. The course will have leading professionals from the technology sector and will delve into both technical and real case studies of the sector, thus promoting technological talent in record time.

In addition to providing comprehensive technology services to its customers, Vector ITC Group believes in innovation as an engine of change and both social and business development, so they allocate 5 of the revenue to R&D&I projects and establish relationships with leading entrepreneurial ecosystems such as Boston MIT.

“To achieve a comprehensive experience, to the didactic aspect we have added a work of accompaniment and mentoring throughout the process, with the aim of obtaining maximum academic performance and an optimal evolution”, says Francisco Javier de Heras, Head of Technologies at Vector ITC Group

The course will begin on March 21 and will consist of two phases, a first at Vector Academy’s headquarters in Navaluenga, Avila, and the second part at Vector ITC Group’s offices in Pozuelo de Alarcón. The selection process is already open, you can apply in this section of the Vector Academy website