Training, awareness and technology, the pillars to combat cyberthreats

This year there have been some of the most important cyberattacks of recent decades, such as the WannaCry virus or Petya. This upward trend, coupled with the fact that these attacks are increasingly professionalized, and therefore have a higher level of risk and difficulty, makes it indispensable for companies to invest in cybersecurity strategies. In this field, Vector ITC, through its Cybersecurity team, has participated in the Cyberweek of Catalonia.

Cyberweek, a leading technological event in Catalonia in the field of computer technology, brings together many of the companies specialized in cybersecurity in order to present new strategy solutions to combat computer attacks. “The relevance of these events is increasing, as today 32% of the Spanish companies have recognized having suffered some cyberattack during the last 2 years. This data places Spain as the 3rd country in the world that receives the most cyberattacks.“, says Ernesto Sánchez Pano, cybersecurity consultant at Vector ITC Group. Ernesto Sánchez has also been in charge of presenting the presentation“Infections via BadUSB“.

The presentation shows how infections or attacks on the computer can occur through a pendrive or any other device connected to the PC via USB. Vector ITC also explores the different types of attacks that can be carried out through this method, as well as the possible countermeasures available to try to combat them. “If for a day there is a loss of service due to a cyberattack, there are losses of hundreds of thousands of euros. However, the most damaging aspects are intangibles such as the negative impact on the customer experience or the company’s reputation,” says Iván Lastra, Head of Cybersecurity at Vector ITC Group.

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy

“At Vector ITC Group,” Lastra continues, “we are committed to integrating a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that spans all possible areas” In this sense, Vector bases its cybersecurity strategy on 3 pillars: awareness, technological capacity and people.

  • Awareness: It is the basis on which to support a good cybersecurity strategy. It is necessary to invest both in the training of employees and in the development of new and better technological solutions and services.
  • Technology: Technological capacity is a differentiating aspect. Vector ITC Group has developed the Vector Deep Surveillance platform in order to offer its customers a new cybersecurity management model. It is a platform that collects all the information of the computers, devices, networks, behavior of our customers… to be able to predict, prevent, detect and respond to any vulnerability.
  • People: Talent is an indispensable ingredient in this equation. Having a team of cybersecurity experts provides the necessary safeguards to ensure customer safety.

Today, data breaches and leaks reach companies and institutions around the world. Regardless of its origin, i.e. whether information has leaked from a collaborator’s personal pendrive, or that cybercriminals have exploited vulnerabilities on a server to enter and steal it, highlighting the importance of Take cybersecurity seriously as it is the only way to keep malware away from servers, cloud and mobile devices.