The Data Office: a key piece in digital transformation and process optimization

Discovering and developing the potential of the information generated by our company and our customers, carrying out an efficient analysis that impacts on strategic decision-making and increases business profitability, is one of the biggest challenges to which companies are facing each other today.

To do this, it is essential to create a collaborative framework with the areas involved in business processes and to have the most innovative technology to centralize all the information, clean it, analyze it and convert it into value.

Vector ITC Group, a company of 100% Spanish capital, bet in 2014 on a model of Office of the Data, and after a period of adaptation, has consolidated as a central area of both systems and the company itself. Like other areas of cross-cutting systems such as the Technical Office, PMO Project Office, Telecommunications, Security, Operations and Support… the new Data Office area focuses on providing services to the rest of IT areas, as well as directly serving business areas for development and evolution.

In the Data Office, the information is adapted and exploited and presented for the different areas of the company. Among the main tasks of the responsible or CDO (Chief Data Officer) is the custody of the data, ensure its integrity and serve it for those who need it.

When it comes to storing and accessing the vast amount of information that companies themselves collect and generate, it is necessary to resort to the use of new technologies and intelligent and innovative solutions, using data mining techniques, Business Intelligence and Big Data. In this way, it obtains new new subsystems, from a point of view of technological innovation, by grouping and using various technologies to create their own and non-market results so far, while at the same time solving and improving existing processes and problems that would otherwise not be possible.

Custody of data

“While most of the information managed in its opulent warehouses such as the Corporate DataWarehouse and novel Data Lake & Big Data ecosystem, it is replicated from its departmental transactional (HR) systems. HH., Financial, Marketing …), it is also true that at present some of the information contained has its origin in the Data Office itself, or that obtained directly from public data banks”, adds Bruno Vilas, Services Manager of Office of the Data in Vector ITC Group.

The data office not only holds a large volume of current and historical information, but also ensures its Integrity through various data quality assurance processes supported by Data Governance disciplines, which guarantee the correct data, the right user at the right time in addition to complying with the Vector Data Security framework.

Mainly it draws from different sources to enrich the resulting information and even apply mathematical algorithms with the participation of data scientist profiles, being able to serve it to the different Weband portals accessible from any point thanks to soa architecture implemented.

“There is still a long way to go because visibly the Data Office is accompanying the organizations in their Digital Transformation in an orderly and optimal way”, concludes Bruno Vilas our Data Office Services Manager at Vector ITC Group.