#StopCorona gathers 500 initiatives against COVID-19 from more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and gets the support of more than 60 large companies

#StopCorona, the digital platform created by the ITC Vector group and the Samaipata venture capital fund to promote and disseminate technological initiatives that contribute to winning the health battle for COVID-19, has managed to bring together nearly 500 projects from more than 1,000 entrepreneurs in just two months since its launch at the end of March. In addition, the platform has achieved the collaboration of more than 60 large technological and digital companies (Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Telefónica, MásMóvil, Mindshare, etc.) and reference startups (Glovo, Bizum, Pompeii, ThePowerMBA, Bnext, etc.), which have offered them free services to boost their development and generate an impact in the long term.

The objective pursued by #StopCorona is to give visibility to all types of initiatives with a technological component originating in the context of the health crisis, and to promote their evolution, with the help provided by the services offered by leading companies in different digital environments. In addition, all the proposals of the platform participated in the competition #StopCoronaChallenge, to select the two best initiatives in each of these three categories: ‘Data Analysis’, ‘Technological Developments’ and ‘Other Projects’.

More than 30,000 people have participated with their votes in this selection. Finally, a committee of experts made up of representatives from the companies leading the project was responsible for choosing the winners. As a prize, they will all receive a package of 15 benefits offered by #StopCorona’s official Partners, including 100,000 euros in AWS credits, one-on-one consulting sessions with specialists from Google, Amazon or IBM, training and mentoring in design, marketing and communication with Designit, Bravent or Pompeii, or free software licenses from companies such as Carto or Genially, among others.

The winners in the ‘Data Analysis’ category are:

  • DatosCovid.es (Geovoluntarios): an open data generation initiative carried out by volunteers that aims to unify, with the greatest degree of detail, all available information on the number of people affected by the coronavirus by administrative region in Spain.
  • Covid-19-ES (Secuoyas): official data repository for digital consumption and analysis. It includes a dashboard showing the progress of the disease by AC, an API for data consumption and a repository on Github and bitbucket, as well as a list of references and curated articles.

The winners in the category ‘Technological developments’ are:

  • AI MedAssistant (Sycal Technologies): medical assistant capable of diagnosing the COVID-19 and predicting its evolution in each patient, thanks to a powerful Artificial Intelligence and Big Data software that analyzes a chest X-ray and six factors of the clinical history in less than 20 seconds.
  • Coronavirus Makers España: network of experts in Open Source technology to create medical material against the pandemic (respirators, visors, masks, electrovalves, etc.), consisting of more than 20,000 researchers, developers and engineers.

Finally, the winners in the ‘Other Projects’ category are:

  • Conecta Digital: initiative that connects businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 with volunteers who want to help them revive their economy. Its main proposal is the digitalization of traditional businesses thanks to the solidarity of professionals in technology.
  • #subsidioscovid19: facilitates the search for economic aid for those affected by the COVID-19 crisis, both for self-employed people or companies and for individuals, by means of a virtual chatbot equipped with Artificial Intelligence.