How to transform business processes with a data-based model, according to Vector ITC

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) presents a paradigm shift towards a model focused on data and automatic orchestration of processes, incorporating the talent of people with the ‘digital enablers’. Within this context Vector ITC, has a solution that transforms the processes to deliver in an agile and sustainable way an exponential value to the business, Vector BPO.

Vector BPO puts the focus on the qualities that will deliver exponential and sustainable value to the business since it improves the processes, people and technologies of the services included in the scope with the aim of delivering the results expected by the business. In this way, it facilitates efficiency, competitiveness, flexibility and adaptation to the current business environment through the following services:

  • Sourcing & procurement: Comprehensive “Source To Pay” service for procurement and purchasing with the right combination of people, processes and technology, which manages to reduce transactional costs and time while increasing savings and visibility that allows for detailed analysis and strategic planning of suppliers.
  • HR & Talent: Integral HCM service of human capital management that includes the processes of HR administration, selection, remuneration, training, evaluation, retention and innovation for people.
  • Digital Marketing & Communication: Digital product and brand strategy management, connecting brands with people and merging design, emotion and technology to generate memorable experiences for users and profitable for our clients.
  • Sales & performance: Service that boosts sales thanks to an integrated process of locating potential customers in digital channels, optimizing the generation of leads on site, heating up opportunities thanks to a lead nurturing process and converting to visits in the customer’s office network by telephone agents specialized in teleconcertation.

Vector ITC proposes a reporting model that will allow OKR to keep all stakeholders aligned through information collected in real time through the implemented tools. The transparent management of information will allow prioritizing initiatives and making decisions regarding the direction of the effort.

The Service Manager will provide periodic reports showing the compliance of OKRs and the overall status of BPO initiatives. These statements will be fed by the management tools implemented for each methodology and will contain relevant information on the state of progress, open incidents, risk status and general listings.

The management model controls the information flow of the processes to feed the scorecard that monitors the sustainable compliance of the OKRs throughout the duration of the contractual relationship. The process performance indicators (KPIs) are indexed to the objectives and expected business results (OKRs).

The Operation and Transformation of Processes in the digital era evolves from a sequential logic with focus on the reduction of operational costs and very aggressive Time-to-Market to models with cognitive skills based on Natural Language Processing, Machine & Deep Learning.

“Our BPO Vector model, which is the result of our experience, is focused on guaranteeing quality, control, agility and flexibility of the service to respond to the needs of the client at all times according to their requirements”, says Emilio García Martínez – NearShore Services & BPO Director for EMEA. This tool has already been implemented by hundreds of large companies around the world in various sectors such as banking, telephony, retail and services, among many others.