Change management, a process where employees are the key to digital transformation

  • Vector ITC Group presents a comprehensive and cross-cutting Change Management solution to all IT transformation projects. The solution is based on a common, time-sustainable and business-oriented strategy
  • Change Management designs training itineraries tailored for each professional with the aim of developing the ICT competency map of each organization
    Companies’ digital transformation processes are complex. To carry out a complete digitization it is not enough to implement new technologies in the organization. The professionals themselves play a decisive role in this process, for this they need training, specialized advice and motivation to internalize the new management models and integrate into the digital culture.

Vector ITC Group, a company of 100% Spanish capital, presents its new solution of Integral Change Management, created to guide companies in their digital transformation processes, standardize change management, regardless of supplier / technology or improve acceptance of change and revalue the IT role and generally help foster innovation for the organization and its professionals.

Vector ITC Group has a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in change processes and a service suite that includes: business-oriented ICT training; MediaLab, IT/communication marketing and operational tracking in the latest info-technology trends.

A differential service suit

Advice and strategy

Diagnosing the state of change will be key to the success of the process ranging from ignorance, to the resistance that causes uncertainty to assimilation or what we call change. That is why we do not understand to initiate the advice/strategy change actions without analyzing and defining a strategy, an organizational analysis and information systems, that allows us to make an adequate diagnosis of the needs to define a new one or adapt the existing one, under the premise always of reusing any previous initiative or investment. A good change strategy will never begin to build on the new, its foundations are in what is known and shared by the organization. says Sandra Pérez de las Heras responsible for the People & Change Unit of Vector ITC Group.

Business-oriented ICT training

The unit is specialists in business-oriented ICT training in any modality. Differential value is the creation of the ICT competency map for the digital transformation that is created for each organization. Professional roles are identified and their level of ICT competence is assessed to detect their training needs and thus create the different training itineraries.

EndoMarketing and IT communication

An innovative service of endomarketing and IT communication, which aims to minimize resistance to change by involving all actors in the process change. This is to be transformed by the user concept and conceived and treated as an internal client, the IT client.

“At this stage we define a strategy to retain employees. The key is to transform information systems into products and turn users into customers, offering innovative content, techniques and dynamics such as gamification. We use communication models that allow opinion and sharing emulating the current social behavior of the citizens, who demand to be informed and participate. That’s how we manage to reduce the resistance to change and integration into digital culture” says Sandra Pérez de las Heras responsible for Vector ITC Group’s People & Change Unit.

Media Lab

The multidisciplinary nature of the unit allows to create any type of content in multiformat and multi-device giving coverage to the entire process of change. In this phase, content is created with the most innovative techniques such as cloning applications to respond to agile methodologies of learning by doing, creating mobile content that allow us to address training plans in microlearning or use non-invasive technologies to support during operation.

All these services are managed in an integrated way, aligned to the defined strategy and following a single planning coordinated with the transformation plan of the organization and all the partners involved.

“We have a team of professionals, who in addition to knowing the specific needs and requirements of the organization, provide extensive experience in change management projects, implementing a proven methodology, based on success stories and applying knowledge of current challenges and best practices.” Sandra Pérez de las Heras concludes, responsible for the People & Change Unit of Vector ITC Group.