CDTI supports our most innovative technology projects

Vector ITC Group has developed the Integral Management Platform for Immediate Logistics (PILOGIN), now available on the market under the name AirCargo. The platform was presented last week to the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI). Carlos Tarancón, of the Project Monitoring Directorate of the CDTI, visited Vector ITC Group on the occasion of the presentation.

The CDTI is a Business Public Entity, under the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, which promotes innovation and technological development of Spanish companies; channelling requests for funding and support for R&D&I projects by Spanish companies at the state and international levels.

The main objective of the PILOGIN platform is to optimize the logistics management (receiving and delivery of goods) of online shopping products with immediate delivery (less than 2 hours), and that it is geolocated, with real-time information, adapted to the customer needs and environmentally sustainable.

We believe that the future of e-commerce is to respond to consumers who demand solutions that respond to their particular needs, with reduced delivery times, greater flexibility in deliveries and greater sustainability in the whole process“, says Pedro Vallaure Head of the R&D&I department of Vector ITC Group. Today, however, only a minority of online stores offer the possibility of express delivery services, and few of them offer the same-day delivery option.

Delays in deliveries, second cause of complaint

On the other hand, the delivery process is one of the steps of the entire shopping cycle that generates the most problems, and proof of this is that delays in delivery are the second cause of claim to online stores in Spain.

Logistics operators, for their part, have to respond to this demand for agility in “last mile” deliveries by their customers (online stores), but they do not have technological tools that allow them to optimize logistics management in the immediate delivery products, so that the supply of such services is either not covered by the operator or carries high costs that smaller retailers cannot bear.

To meet all these needs Vector ITC Group, with the co-financing of the CDTI, has developed PILOGIN, a solution that is already available on the market under the name AirCargo. The partnership syllaving between CDTI and Vector ITC goes back several years. The public body has co-financed different R&D&I projects developed by Vector ITC in recent years, in different areas such as cybersecurity (VDS and V-STAR), ecommerce (EANS and E-Market), fintech (AirTransfer); (PIMADI), semantic analysis (PICC) or inference networks (APGRI) among others.

Decided to bet on R&D+i

During the visit of Carlos Tarancón, Vector ITC Group inaugurated a new location for the commemorative plates of the different projects co-financed and implemented in the offices of Madrid. “With this new and outstanding location our company wants to continue with its R&D+i strategy,” adds Pedro Vallaure.

Vector ITC Group’s commitment to Innovation and R&D&I is reflected in its investment and the implementation of a novel methodology for the management of the different R&D&I projects. The defined working method fosters a close collaboration between the different areas involved in the company.

The R&D&I Aid team meets regularly with those responsible for production areas with the aim of Identifying Technological Innovation or R&D&I projects for Research Staff, Identifying projects susceptible to deduction by activities R&D&I, as well as the implementation and monitoring of the implementation of subsidized projects. The team’s commitment to its efficient working methodology provides the company with a great R&D&I ROI.